Our Mission

The mission of Cairn Education Group is to support the wellbeing of healthcare professionals by empowering financial preparedness.

Our Vision

Cairn Education Group was founded with a clear intent: to change the culture in healthcare about expectations for financial preparedness.  We believe that empowering your financial preparedness will relieve stress, free up emotional and mental energy, and as a by-product enable you to be a better practitioner.  We envision that this is a two-part process founded on Education and Resourcing.

Our vision for Education in the healthcare world means providing and elevating in-person, online, and print education.


We aim to promote integration of financial planning education within healthcare curricula and workplaces across the United States.


We aim to provide high quality, effective, and engaging web-based education for individuals to pursue at their own pace.


We aim to deconstruct, codify, and distribute information on relevant best financial practices across text and article publications.

Our vision for Resourcing in the healthcare world means empowering you to utilize your resources as effectively as possible, including finding the right advice from financial professionals such as CFP®s, CPAs, attorneys, and insurance brokers.  We believe that a proper, healthy relationship with the right financial professional (or service) is a crucial part of financial preparedness.  Imperative to this process is:


  • Finding the right professional:  we aim to help decipher which services you actually need and identify which provider best aligns with you.
  • Maintaining an optimal working relationship with that professional:  we aim to help promote healthy working relationships with financial professionals by understanding proficiencies, boundaries, conflicts of interest, and general value propositions.

Meet Our Dynamic Sibling Team

Elisa Greene, PharmD, BCACP

Elisa Greene, PharmD, BCACP is a graduate of Auburn University and the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy. In her current role at Belmont University College of Pharmacy, she teaches in the Pharmaceutical Care and the Pathophysiology and Therapeutics sequences, as well as in electives geared toward providing care across language barriers. She established a practice providing clinical pharmacy services at Siloam Health, a non-profit, faith-based center offering whole-person care to serve the needs of uninsured patients, the majority of whom are foreign-born.

In addition to spearheading Belmont’s Financial Education Plan, she has designed multiple courses and developed a strategic Co-Curricular plan for the College. She is a nationally recognized speaker and author with interests in aligning objectives and outcomes, quality improvement, caring for LEP patients, and collaborating with medical interpreters. She was honored as a participant in the Child Family Health International Global Health Immersion Program in Tropical Medicine and Community Health, a finalist for the Frist Foundation Salute to Excellence Team Building Award, and the recipient of the Tennessee Pharmacists Association Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award. She completed a Sabbatical Leave in 2019, studying communication across language and cultural barriers in community pharmacies. She is a lifelong learner who reads everything she can get her hands on.


Nathan Greene, CFP® is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with over 10 years of experience in the financial services industry.  He runs his own financial planning practice – Cairn Financial Group – with the sole purpose of enabling wealth success in his clients’ lives, no matter their definition of “wealth,” and through that experience has seen first-hand the toll that lack of financial-preparedness can take on healthcare professionals, especially in (but not limited to) early stages of their careers.  As such, he founded Cairn Education Group with the hope of extending what he does on a personal level (with clients of his financial planning firm) to the entire healthcare industry.     

Nathan is a graduate of Auburn University and is a regular teacher, speaker, and commentator on financial matters.  He is a leading educator in the industry who has served in local and national leadership positions, taught CFP® education at Belmont University, is currently teaching CFP® requirements at Lipscomb University, and coordinates the Personal Financial Planning course at the UTHSC College of Pharmacy.  He has met the extensive experience, education, ethics, and training requirements of the CFP Board of Standards required to hold the prestigious CFP® certification.

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