Let Cairn Education Group help you optimize the financial support you provide to your students, residents, members, or employees.

Financial Education Plan Design

Experts are increasingly recommending financial wellness as a component of health care education, and many organizations incorporate this topic into employee benefit packages. Whether you’re starting from scratch or simply needing a refresh, we will audit current offerings and design a proposed plan that fits your organization’s needs while taking into account recruiting, co-curricular, interprofessional, continuing education, and other needs specific to your organization. Our most comprehensive option, the plan design includes big picture gap analysis and SWOT assessment and is designed to provide strategic reinforcement over time to maximize input.

Financial Education Course Design

Audit, review, design, resourcing, and implementation of financial education courses that fit your organization’s needs. Whether a course in the curriculum, an interprofessional education activity, a co-curricular series, or a continuing education program, let us build a course that meets your needs. We will work alongside internal committees and structures to understand and achieve your goals. This option includes everything you need to implement a course in your organization, including suggested course syllabus, learning objectives, learning activities, assessment strategies, and instructor resources.

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