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The Healthcare Professional’s Guide to Financial Planning

Your definitive starting point and life-long reference book for the healthcare professional pursuing financial empowerment.  This text is built as a case-based approach to clearly lay out the building blocks of financial planning (those parts that are relevant for healthcare professionals) and then apply those building block through real life case studies. 

Whether you are about to graduate and need a digestible resource for financial planning, are years into your career and looking to make your relationship with your financial planner more effective, or are even about to send a child to graduate school and need to understand the burdens they’ll be facing, this text is your solution.

While The Healthcare Professional’s Guide to Financial Planning is written for healthcare professional of all kinds, this edition specifically addresses details relevant to pharmacists at all stages of their careers. 

Financial Planning Worksheet

This worksheet breaks out the specific components that MUST be considered in the design of your financial plan. If you can thoroughly defend your financial plan against this worksheet’s standards, you’re probably in a good position

Budget Worksheet

No financial plan can be effective without exhibited control over spending.  There’s no better way to start get on the right foot than by developing a budget and subsequently tracking your expenses.

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